angrypotplant (angrypotplant) wrote,

The Land-owner seems to have taken my suggestion regarding a weaponized contraption to keep the birds out.  However, his anti-aircraft system is using water as ammunition, rather than the prefered ICBMs I'd originally proposed.  I suppose this is a bit more cost effective, plus we, the growing plant army, get watered frequently.  Killing two birds with one stone, if you want to be punny about it. 

Carl, the sickly but happy grapevine, has chosen a new nesting place against a wall.  He tried to explain to me his strange desire to grow on to things, rather than in or around them.  While I don't understand his methods entirely, he does show some skill in assimilating structures which could be harnessed to aquire a sort of base of operations.  He believes the Groundsman intends on giving him a place closer to the domicile itself, but it's hard to tell if he's kidding or not when devulging information due to his constant "I heard it through me" jokes. 

Negotiations with the peanut crop as an elite armored assault unit have been completed in my favor.  After losing roughly half their population, I believe they have recognized the need for some sort of unified state among the garden, if only for the stronger voice in the political arena.  As a military option, they seem to be all for it, even claiming that they can bring on the watermelons for some heavy artillary.  The raspberry bush, however,  is a bit more difficult to speak with.  Most of them are human sympathizers, dreaming of one day being snacked upon in a lucious dessert rather than taking up arms against the hand that feeds (well, and eats) them.  My hope is that a platform of general kindness to the enslaved humans I already have on board will get through to them.  After all, I'm not exactly counting on Carl to operate the hydrogun turrets hidden among the grass population.  He's a good plant, I assure you.  Just not that quick in the action department. 
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