angrypotplant (angrypotplant) wrote,

I have decided to exploit the local red velvit mites as the cheap labor they are.  So far they've proven almost useless in the realm of espionage, riding on the clothing of The Care-taker and his companions into the strange and loud domicile resting before me.  Last night, synthesized noises, possibly even phat beats, eminated from it's walls, coming from what I believe to be audio/visual propoganda regarding some Golden Child.  Attempting to send a surveillance detail of mites inside may possibly have been the most frustrating thing I will ever have to endure.  Most of them didn't even know there was a house until I told them.

Which reminds me, I'll have to send for a new detail, because the idiots got swept away in the rain today.  Surface tension, people!  Come on!
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